Creative DIY Nail Design Ideas Anyone Can Do

If you’re running low on the spare time this month and you need to get your nails done, here are some creative DIY nail design ideas for you. The best part about these ideas is that they’re easy and require almost no additional accessories. You’ll be done in no time!

Polka Dots Nail Design

The easiest way to make an amazing nail design is by using polka dots. You can apply them with the bobby pin, and the way you’ll place them on the nail is up to you. You can put the dots in the center of the nail; you can use domino design to make your nails look fancy. Choose various colors for the dots.

Halloween Nail Design

For the masters of creativity, there are some great ideas for Halloween Nail Design that will bring you stunning effects. There are a lot of things you can explore within the Halloween design. If you’re not so confident in your nail design skills, choose simple designs like ghosts or Frankenstein. For more perplexed designs, you can experiment with various motifs, including spiders, witches, and pumpkins.

Reverse French Manicure

We all know what French manicure looks like, but have you seen a reverse version of this nail paint technique? In case you didn’t, you’re going to love it because it requires zero skills. All you need to do it pain the base first – choose any color you want. Now, use the French manicure stripe and place it near the end of the nail. Don’t forget to reverse the strip and then paint the other color on from the line to the top.

Cracked Nails

Although it sounds crazy, breaking the freshly painted nails is another creative way to express your love for nail design. Paint the nails in any color you wish, then use the pen to scratch the nail polish of the surface. Create lines or circles to make the impression of a cracked surface.


Using glitter is always a fun way of doing your nails, especially if you want to add some creativity to the design. Spread the glitter on the top of the nail, to achieve a nice contrast with the color.

Geometrical Design

Using duct tape is the essential part of making a geometrical design for the nails. Place the tape diagonally to make the triangle patterns or switch the position of the tape to get the zig-zag pattern. Color as many surfaces as you want – this is the great opportunity to experiment with the colors and contrast!

Sometimes, all you need is a simple line on the plain surface – use a toothpick for more delicate lines and stripes. For a quick change of design, add a wide strip of color to your nail.